SCDA is a design studio seamless integrating architecture, interiors, landscape and product design to create holistic spatial experiences. Established in 1995 by Founding Principal and Design Director Soo Chan, SCDA was awarded the inaugural Royal Institute of British Architects Award for International  Excellence  (2016);  the  RIBA  International  Award  for  OneKL  (2012)  and  the  Lincoln  Modern  (2003); and  the  SIA-Getz  Architecture  Prize  for  Emergent  Architecture  in  Asia  (2006),  in  addition  to  nine  Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Awards.

SCDA’s  designs  strive  for  tranquility  and  calmness  qualified  by  space,  light  and  structural  order.    Architectural expressions are distilled to capture the spiritual essence of ‘place’. Its architecture and interiors are inspired by the cultural  and  climatic  nuances  of  its  context,  integrating  landscape,  water  features  and  blurring  the  distinction between  interior  and  exterior.    Spaces  are  often  characterized  by  lush  gardens,  water  courts  and  air  wells, engendering  a  sensuous  engagement  with  the  elements.  Projects display sensitivity  to  the  inherent  beauty  of natural materials expressed through clarity in construction details and elemental architectural expression.

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