OCT TIAN E BAO  |  Shenzhen, China

Located in OCT Town, Shenzhen, this residential development comprises of nine 170-metre-tall towers set within an expansive, 65-hectare waterfront site. The landscape design concept revolves around 3 major objectives:
To mitigate the scale of the buildings to better integrate them within the site, protect the development from the highway running along the site’s northern boundary and engage the natural beauty of the waterfront. A combination of formal outdoor spaces, tectonic elements and lush planting is used to soften the towers’ physical scale. 
In order to provide visual and acoustic protection from the adjacent highway, tall trees and a series of sculpted hedgerows are placed along the roadside boundary. Along the reservoir’s edge, terrain is carefully sculpted with species of aquatic plants, shrubs and trees to preserve and enhance the existing waterfront, while also concealing the profile of basement parking areas and providing basement facilities with daylight and natural ventilation.