KL HOUSE  |  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In the middle of a bustling metropolis, KL House is a place of retreat from the city. The landscape, architecture and interiors are in direct response to the environment and climate. Each component of the design is broken down to volume, line and plane and takes inspiration from classical architectural proportioning and spatial hierarchy.
In response to the tropical climate of Malaysia, the elements of the façade are carefully considered. KL House reinterprets the concept of verandas with deep recessed windows lined with timber panels. The depth of the windows allow the home owners to take advantage of natural ventilation and the sliding screens are an integral response to the tropical climate of Malaysia. The screens temper the heat and glare of the sun and mediate the interplay between opaque walls and transparent glass. 
Courtyards are experienced sequentially and hierarchically through a choreographed procession of the house. They are designed to heighten to experience of the user with light, sound, touch, and sight. The imposition of the courtyards was a method to re-imagine living in the tropics through an exploration of negative space between interior and exterior spaces.