SAVYAVASA  |  Jarkata, Indonesia

Amidst the organised chaos synonymous with Indonesia’s capital lies a three-hectare pristine parcel of greenery in the neighbourhood of Dharmawangsa in South Jakarta, a remnant from the last residential area developed by the Dutch as part of the Garden City Movement. 
Given the significance of the site as well as its prime positioning, SCDA was privileged to be afforded the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the area.
The design brief called for two-, three- and four- bedroom apartments which were best distributed across three 40-storey towers with shared facilities on grade overlooking the landscape. 
With the predominantly low-rise surroundings, the towers can be viewed as iconic “sculptures in the park” anchored at the base of the green belt. Emerging from the foliage, they can be seen as an extension of the parkland whilst providing a focal point for established vistas.
For the apartments themselves, a combination of longitudinally arranged programs and full height glazing afford all bedrooms and living spaces incredible views of the parkland against the backdrop of Jakarta’s CBD.