KURA KURA  |  Bali, Indonesia

Situated on the Kura Kura island development near Denpasar, Bali, this seaside enclave of 120 premium villas takes inspiration from the scale and planning of the traditional Balinese village. Homes are clustered around communal courtyards, each lushly landscaped to provide residents with a well-defined space of respite. All villas comprise of pitched roofs of varying heights, forming textural “roofscape” composition reminiscent of vernacular villages.
Sustainability is an integral design feature in this project. Each individual villa is also organised around its own private courtyard, which brings natural light and ventilation to all parts of the home. The use of sustainable and locally sourced materials was considered, in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of the project. Each villa features generous façade shading screens to reduce heat gain from the harsh tropical sunlight typical in this region. Rainwater harvesting and photovoltaic technology has also been considered as part of the design intent to reduce the load on local water and energy sources.
A clubhouse with a raised swimming pool, function room, bar and commercial facilities below occupy the beach frontage, opening up to an organically conceived beachside plaza with views of the sea and Bali’s iconic mountains beyond. The clubhouse is a collection of rectilinear forms faced in locally produced terra cotta. There is a play in the porosity of the terra cotta façade, controlling light and ventilation at different heights of the building façade. The entry to the clubhouse features an evaporative cooled wind tower, which draws the surrounding air up its height, encouraging constant air movement throughout the clubhouse.