Part of a mixed-use development situated in Tokyo’s Minato ward, this 53-storey residential tower will house over 400 units. SCDA Interiors, responsible for two of the six show flats, proposed two different design directions. As the client’s brief called for a resort-like feel within this very metropolitan setting, both concepts explore the notion of a “home away from home” and incorporate the idea of a resort on a more emotional, nostalgic level.

The first concept, named “Summer Getaway”, draws inspiration from the summer home, using a tone-on-tone palette of grey, blush and cream, light timber, white and beige marbles. Furniture and accessories exhibit more organic shapes, combining various textured soft finishes. The second concept, “Sanctuary”, reminisces about the family home. The palette is more contrasting, with darkstained timber offsetting a white-to-grey stones and lacquers. This concept features simpler lines, but plays up the rougher, more defined hard finishes; the prevalence of timber screens gives it a more Asian feel.