SCDA has been heavily involved in the design of various projects around the world, not the least of which are located in various cities across China, which due to differing geographies, conditions and contexts, give rise to different architectural expressions.

MATTEL  |  Shenzhen, China

Mattel Mixed-use Development is located at the upcoming Yantian District of Shenzhen, soon to be rejuvenated with hiking trails, park connectors, canal pathways, and linked with various cultural venues and sports centres. It is the intent of Shenzhen's urban guidelines to transform this district to provide residents with a holistic lifestyle, surrounded by cultural amenities.

Our project's iconic architectural form is inspired by the unique slants of the Site Boundaries, together with respect to the sloping topography, to create a unique product that is different from the surrounding developments in the area.

For the residential tower, units are invariably designed with consideration of prominent features of the site, such as unblocked views of the adjacent mountain and views of Mirs Bay. 

Wellness related amenities are conveniently located on a connecting bridge that links the hotel and the residential tower. 

At the podium level, the southwest corner of the site is activated by a large urban plaza with cafes and seating, flanked on the left by a large water feature that directs people upwards towards an open canal.
At the very top of the podium, a large plaza links to a hiking trail in the mountains beyond.

Architecturally, the juxtaposition of vertical stone fins and clean glass curtain wall creates a clean yet not commonly experienced texture to the more typical glass and metal urban surroundings.






CITYMARK  |  Shenzhen, China

92 Park Ave. is a super high-rise residential project designed recently by SCDA, to inspire and empower urban dwellers in the exploration of new concepts of luxurious living in a dense urban context. Designed with the utmost consideration and respect for the urban environment, the 3 towers take on a simple massing recalling primary forms with elegant proportions which complement the purity of the square-plan geometry. The monolithic façade treatment of the three towers emphasizes the architectural autonomy which distinguishes the project from its context. Together with a richness and warmth brought about by tactile materials and fine detailing, the building enhances one’s sense of 92 Park Ave. as an "urban home".






FANTASIA  |  Shenzhen, China

On a prominent site in Shenzhen with panoramic views of Futian District, Shenzhen Bay, and an unobstructed backdrop of mountain ranges, the Fantasia Shenzhen Mixed Use project is strategically located next to a redeveloping commercial and transit node. 
The podium has a substantial commercial component to engage the street development and connects to an open public plaza and subway line. Overhead bridges and walkways connect neighbouring developments via a secondary pedestrian plane, while further activating the podiums’ retail storefronts. 
The sculptural tower is shaped into a prismatic, iconic form, with subtle facets to the 3 main facades. At the intersections of these three elevations, deep recesses house grand double volume balconies that span the entire 230m height of the tower, and accentuate its pure geometry.